Gender equality in the workplace

This book offers men practical advice on how they can help women in the workplace achieve gender equality. Through interviews with dozens of executives, sales managers, and investors, author developed a proprietary matrix from which she created seven composite characters of men: Mark, James, Samir, Memo, Al, Chris, and Richard. Author then offers specific tips and real world examples on these men can aid women based on their personality traits, work history, and socio-economic backgrounds. While most books on female empowerment tend to focus on women, the book targets men who want women but lack the skills, knowledge, or courage on how to do so. An important read for the #MeToo era.

Tom took the time to get to know me well to really understand my message and to share in writing. He helped me clarify my broad and sometimes unfinished ideas by asking the right questions.
Tom’s translation skills (from my view of the world to one that men can understand in this case) are excellent. He found the right style for my audience.
He worked with me to prioritize and together we were able to keep each other on track to produce material in a timely manner.
I would like to recommend Tom to anyone who wants to share their story or ideas in a book format.

Eva Helen- CEO and founder, EQ Inspiration

Careers and Jobs in the Digital Age of Disruption

This book advises both employees and companies on how to navigate an increasingly dynamic economy in which technology and business models become quickly obsolete. Gone are the days when a person went to college, worked at a company, and performed the same duties for most of his/her career. While people tend to focus on learning specific skills like coding or Blockchain, Author argues that employees and employers must master ambiguity, specifically how to develop the right mindset to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. He says companies and workers need to enter a new compact: instead of just offering employees wages, benefits, and job security, companies now must provide workers with the means to employability. They must provide workers with the knowledge, experience, and skills to continue to remain relevant in the marketplace long after they leave the employer.

Generation Z

From business and politics to issues of social justice, young people across the globe today have morphed into a powerful force willing to overturn conventional wisdom and challenge authority. Using entrepreneurial flare and technological know how, they have called out global leaders, disrupted industries, and attracted considerable media attention.

In other words, they think big ideas and take even bigger action. Companies have done a poor job at targeting Millennials. As a result, they often had to re-think the way they treated them as employees or consumers. To avoid these pitfalls, author set out to gather meaningful insights into Gen Z based on a unique research that holistically examines the generation from a multitude of angles. Specifically, she painstakingly gathered data on Gen Z’s attitudes towards various topics, including technology, money, education and career, social issues, and life in general.

“Thomas came highly recommended at a time when my search for a book editor who ‘gets it’ has gone nowhere.

His ability to understand and quickly connect with the topic of my book (Gen Z) was impressive and his accessible and effective editing style were exactly what I was looking for. 

Throughout our work together his editorial experience and broad knowledge of the American cultural context shine through.

I would recommend him without a hesitation to anyone who requires a true partner in editing.”

Former top retail consultant